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Emmett Till Legacy Foundation.
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August 28th, 2015

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A Legacy of Hope in Memory of Emmett Louis Till

Emmett Louis Till Age 14 His brutal murder on August 28, 1955 and the acquittal of the murderers sparked the modern Civil Rights movement.

THE EMMETT TILL LEGACY FOUNDATION (ETLF) dedicates its ongoing efforts to turning an ugly part of American History..... the brutal murder of Emmett Till into a positive, inspired and empowered future for youth in America and across the world.  ETLF wants to be a part of the solution and believes that youth represent our future and deserve to reach their fullest potential, unlike the severed life and the denial of justice that Emmett and his family experienced. Youth may not experience the same form of lynching that ended Emmett's life. But, many of the probems facing youth and their families today are nightmares. ETLF defines those nightmares as horrific as lynching but in the form of hopelessness, lack of adequate education, poverty, poor health, obesity, joblessness, early incarceration, the lack of civic and political engagement and so many other forms of disenfranchisement.

ETLF knows that without knowledge and understanding of the past, we are subject to have history repeat itself. We cannot allow that to happen. With adequate support of ETLF initiatives and programs, a huge difference will be made in the lives of many.

The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation partners with supporters of every community to bring HOPE, actionable solutions and foster an overall mutual wellness to the lives of youth, women and their families around us.

PREACHERMAN by Melody Gardot

The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation presents the powerful and moving video for Melody Gardot's new track "Preacherman" from her "socially conscious" album "Currency of Man". "Preacherman" the song and video were created by Melody Gardot as a poetic tribute to the story and legacy of 14 year old Emmett Till.

"Journey back in history and witness the haunting tragedy of Emmett Till’s death. Yes, a ransom was paid with his blood. His ultimate sacrifice and the courage of his mother Mamie Till Mobley inspired a movement and set us all on a course for much needed change in America and around the world. Unfortunately, the past is not past us. Too many lives continue to be sacrificed today because of racism, hatred and the violent struggle for power. Our collective anguish and pain is captured in this powerful video and fuels the need for unity. Together, we must never forget the ugly parts of our past history and pledge Never Again. Let’s, invest in each other and continue the fight for our humanity, our freedom, justice, equity and equality. Let’s expect changed minds and hearts and a hope filled future for generations to come. We thank Melody Gardot for "Preacherman" and for #RememberingEmmettTill and the #SpiritofMamieTillMobley with such a timely and emotionally touching tribute!" ~ Deborah Watts, a cousin of Emmett Till and co-Founder of The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation

Watch and share this moving video below:

Melody Gardot's reflections:

"The profound nature of our existence is that we are able at any moment to connect to anyone, anywhere. History is there to remind us of how far we've come, and every day our journey is to continue with that progress of becoming more wise, more compassionate and more considerate human beings. Remembering Emmett though song is a way to remind people that there is no need to continue with senseless crimes. Race and racism do not go hand in hand. We are only one race: human."

~ Melody Gardot - soulful jazz artist

Emmett Till was one of the first. Let's make Trayvon Martin one of the last.