The Power of History Turning Tragedy into Triumph

A powerful platform and unique opportunity for participants to Witness, Listen, Learn and Engage. It includes a screening of one of the historical documentaries on Emmett Till and/or Mamie Till Mobley, or one of the plays with a talk back or a post Q and A segment, with a selected panel of leading experts, Key Family members of Emmett Till, ETLF co-founders and more.

Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color

A national interactive violence prevention training program, bringing young people, parents, staff, community partners and law enforcement together to address local and national increases in violence.

The program will also teach a team of outreach workers strategies to engage, educate and equip at-risk youth in handling volatile situations. Participants learn the potential impact, risk and liability associated with certain behavior and situations and how to apply and model effective behavior to influence positive change within their communities.

All will learn and develop agreed upon, workable violence prevention solutions for implementation, to keep young people and communities safer.

Never Again Movement and Pledge

Never Again Movement and Pledge is a global youth led promotional program, introduced in 2010 to express their collective fears, truth and desire to draw inspiration from tragedies of the past, (The Holocaust and Slavery) while connecting to the present day tragedies with the rise in hate crimes, violence and mass shootings and an expressed concern that all may repeat in the future. The pledge emerged, When the students were asked; what are you willing to stand up for and what are you willing to stand against? Here is the pledge:

I pledge to never again allow the ugly parts of our past history to become the present.

I will forever stand up against racism, hatred, injustice and crimes against our youth.

I will always stand up for peace, justice and equality for all.


Loving From The Inside Out

A women's empowerment symposium, recognizing and awarding other Woman of Courage in honor of Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till.

Speakers Circle

Family members of Emmett Till, historians, ambassadors and leading experts are available for public appearances, speaking engagements and interviews. Looking to book a speaker? Please contact us here.

Remembering Emmett Till Global Initiative

A Time for Unity in Black and White; an Annual and Global initiative: in Memory of the Life (Birthday July 25, 1941) and tragic death (August 28, 1955) of Emmett Louis Till, the courage of his mother Mamie Till Mobley and the rise of their unforgettable legacy. We invite you to host your own gathering in your city or join in virtually to participate, wherever you are in the world (there is no specific location) It's a silent yet powerful way to protest the continuing hatred, racism and violence occurring in our country and around the world.

How to participate in the initiative

Emmett Louis Till Scholarships

A needs based scholarship for students attending HBCU or at home College Tours or High school Students majoring in Criminal /Social Justice or Political Science accepted into a 4 year college.