A Time for Unity in Black and White: Annual Nationwide and Global Announcement:

July 14, 2014
For Immediate Release:
A TIME FOR UNITY IN BLACK AND WHITE: Please join us! Let’s Remember Emmett Till and those who have lost their lives (#TrayvonMartin, #JordanDavis, #OscarGrant, #RenishaMcBride and so many others) to hate, violence and racism in the US and in other parts of the world.

How?: Please Wear black and white attire/clothing items on July 25, (Emmett Till’s 73rd birthday) and on August 28 (the day Emmett Till was murdered in 1955, 59 years ago). This is a silent but powerful way to show that we will never forget. We join those survivors of the #Holocaust in declaring: #NEVERAGAIN!
Here are 10 “A TIME FOR UNITY IN BLACK AND WHITE” things you can do:

On JULY 25 and AUG 28:
  1. Take a selfie or have someone take your pic while you are wearing your black and white.
  2. Post on all of your social media networks.
  3. Use Hashtags #HappyBDEmmettTill on 7/25 and Use Hashtag #NEVERAGAINEmmettTill #RememberEmmettTill on 8/28.
  4. On 7/25/14 Save and post the Happy Birthday Photo below:

5. Upload your pics and share on our Facebook page too. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emmett-Till-Legacy-Foundation/138927669624 and post on www.twitter.com/emmetttill @emmetttill

6. Please post this “A Time For Unity in Black and White” request on your social media networks. 
Also help us spread the word and share with your family and friends too! NEVER AGAIN!

7. JOIN US FOR A MOMENT OF  SILENCE in the US on 7/25/14 and 8/28/14 at
10am PST, 11am MTN,  12pm CST, 1pm EST

8. Make the Never Again Pledge ( see below) Please LIKE “Never Again” Movement and Pledge on Facebook Click here for the page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Never-Again-Movement-and-Pledge/136014269806914:

9. Copy and post the Never Again Pledge and Image (see above) and share. Use Hashtag #NEVERAGAINEmmettTill , #RememberEmmettTill and or #TimeForUnity on 8/28.

10. Last but not least…VOLUNTEER as an A-Team Action Ambassador (AAA) in your city for 2015: Please Join our team for the Remembering Emmett Till 2015, 60 year Anniversary National Remembrance and Commemoration rally and activities (July 25 – thru weekend of August 28, 2015) Email us @ info@emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com to sign up! Organize in your state, city, neighborhood or campus and PLEASE Invite others to join you!

For more information about the foundation and to provide in-kind services or sponsor a scholarship or an initiative email us at: emmett_till_legacy@yahoo.com or info@emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com
Emmett Till Legacy Foundation is a non profit organization “creating a legacy of hope”, “building a bridge from the past to the present and future”, in memory of Emmett Louis Till and in honor of his Mother, Mamie Till Mobley. A donation to support our efforts can be made at https://www.emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com/



THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING and participating in A TIME FOR UNITY IN BLACK AND WHITE! We can all unite to Build Bridges from the Past to the Present and Future!!!! Thanks again!!

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