#SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley
Nominate her for the 2015 Woman of Courage award!

(to be presented on March 28, 2015 during LFTIO in Pensacola, Florida, during the “Woman of Courage” Awards Luncheon held during “Loving From The Inside Out”, the Woman’s Empowerment Symposium, at New World Landing, 600 Palafox Street, Pensacola, Florida.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS! Please nominate by the deadline, October 30, 2014.

Do you know a “Woman of Courage”?…Some one who has qualities like Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till.  Her unselfish decision to have an open casket funeral for her only 14 year old son, sparked the civil rights movement, sent a “charge of out rage” and touched the hearts and minds of those around the world!

Here are the qualities we are looking for. Please Nominate>>>>

■A woman who has demonstrated the ability and resolve to transform tragedy, disappointment, heartbreak and or loss into ” a lasting legacy of courage and hope”.

■ A woman who has moved beyond the ordinary to do… the extraordinary by making strides to move forward while engaging in action when most others would not. 

■ A woman whose unselfish actions, spirit, and complexities, motivates and inspires others.

Think of the names of women , whose act of courage makes them stand out among others. (These women could be well known to many or an unsung shero to others.)

Nomination deadline October 30, 2014. Please send in now!:
+ Give us the name and contact info (tel no. and email address) of your nominee and tell us why you think your nominee should receive this award. Please include a description of her actions and/or qualities (refer to description of qualities) that make her a great nominee.

+ Nominations Deadline: OCTOBER 30, 2014 

+ Send nominations via email to info@emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com

+ Place “Woman Of Courage” Award nomination in the subject line.

+ Include your name and contact info.

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On behalf of The Board of Directors, Ambassadors. And Circle Of Women of the: Emmett Till Legacy Foundation .#SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley

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