It’s #GivingTuesday you can help us keep #EmmettTill ‘s #LegacyAlive by clicking on the link here:
Thank you in advance!
Its Time for #GivingTuesday ! Please consider giving to the @emmetttilllegacyfoundation. Your support will help us continue to support, empower, educate and engage our youth, women/men and families going forward as we honor the #EmmettTillGeneration and the lasting impact that Emmett Till death had on their lives.  
We continue to share Emmett’s powerful story and legacy with audiences across the country. We engage students, congregations  corporate leaders, Legislators, fellow activist, social justice organizations and diverse audiences across the nation.with the Power of History: Turning Tragedy into Triumph. 
We expose youth and families to Emmett’s Fateful journey on the Till Trail of Tears and Terror in Mississippi in collaboration with Emmett Till Families for Justice. 
We also support PROCEED and sponsor students to experience the annual HBCU College Tour. 
We join other justice coalitions and the Department Of Justice educating Communities on the importance of  the #EmmettTillAct. (Reauthorization of the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act or #TillBill2. 
We are collaborating with Snell and Associates on a much needed life saving training for teens called Justice in Time- Know your rights training. 
We continue to support the Never Again Movement and pledge challenge. 
We are committed to working hard to turn this painful part of our history into triumph by building a bridge from the past to the present and future, sharing Emmett’s story and maintaining his and his mother’s powerful legacy of hope. 
You can Donate see link above or here -> enter our paypal email address  or click Make a tax deductible Donation at
Thank you in advance for your continued support and for helping us keep Emmett and Mamie’s Legacy Alive! #EmmettTill #NeverAgain #neveragainchallenge Its Time for #GivingTuesday ! #mamietillmobley #SpiritofEmmettTill #SpiritofMamieTillMobley #JusticeforEmmettTill

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