Medal Of Freedom For Mamie Till Mobley

Please urge President Obama to award Mamie Till Mobley the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously in 2016. We stand on the shoulders of the #motherofthemovement #MameTillMobley…copy the link below, watch the video and Google her name, you will understand why she deserves the Presidental Medal of Freedom from President Obama. We are calling on all […]


LOVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT™ “a women’s empowerment symposium” Saturday, March 28, 2015   Florida pan handle and surrounding areas (Georgia, Alabama, Lousiana, Mississippi and beyond) ….Get ready for this life changing, powerful experience. It’s your turn and your time!  You don’t want to miss this! Sista’s outside of the area are invited too! Make […]

HONOR A SPECIAL WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE #SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley

HONOR A SPECIAL WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE!!!   CALL FOR NOMINATIONS! #SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley Nominate her for the 2015 Woman of Courage award! (to be presented on March 28, 2015 during LFTIO in Pensacola, Florida, during the “Woman of Courage” Awards Luncheon held during “Loving From The Inside Out”, the Woman’s Empowerment Symposium, at New World Landing, […]